Support The Towers

People improve with age.
Buildings, without planned infrastructure maintenance and upkeep, do not.

Support the Towers

At St. Mark's Towers, subsidized rent controls limit our income, and provide only for out basic operational needs. For infrastructure maintenance and repair, we depend on the generous support from foundations, corporate and private donations. These gifts fund capital improvements that allow us to provide a quality residence and lifestyle worthy of our valued seniors.

The Need is Great

The need for St. Mark's Towers is great. With the increased cost of housing and limited availability of safe, appropriately accessible homes for seniors, our current and future residents would face homelessness without our help.

Give back to your community

Our Towers neighbors have built our community, raised families, defended our country,  educated our children and cared for others for a lifetime. We embrace the opportunity to  give back to them now. Will you join us?

Will You Join Us In
Supporting the Towers?

Gift Designation

Gift By Check

If you prefer to make a gift by check,
please mail to:

St. Mark’s Towers, Inc.
One Towers Plaza
Brunswick, Georgia 31520

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